22 April 2018

A confident holiday smile with new whitening traveller's pack

White Glo, Australia's number one teeth whitening brand, are pleased to introduce a brand new Traveller's Pack to the Uk.

This handy new travel pack offers a 24g travel sized tube of White Glo Professional Choice toothpaste, a White Glo Anti-Stain Toothbrush and White Glo Flexible Dental Flosser Toothpicks- all in a handy re-sealable travel carry bag.

Even the most discernable traveller should never be without this kit, which provides all you need to retain your pearly White smile whilst topping up your tan or posing for picture at your dream destination. This handy kit is also suitable to be taken on flights, so a great purchase whilst shopping ahead for your next dream Holiday.
The White Glo Traveller's Pack is also available now at your local Boots and Superdrug.

For more information visit www.whiteglo.com.

You can also follow White Glo on social media by searchig White Glo UK.

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