26 January 2017

Laser Hair Removal Vs Other Methods

Sooner or later, we all give in to the desire to remove unwanted hair. Whether the hair is on the legs, thighs, bikini area, back, or chest, we want it gone. The problem is that most ways of removing hair at home don't work for long or come with consequences. Plus, it means repeating hair removal over and over again for many years, or even a lifetime. If you aren't sure which method will work best, take a look at several ways you can remove unsightly hair and how they each work.

Shaving with razors

It may seem inexpensive to use razors at home, but the costs do add up. Besides the monetary expense of razors, shaving creams, and so on, there is also the cost of the time spent shaving. As cheap as it seems on a one time basis, consider how much that adds up over long periods of time. Say you spend one hour once a week shaving, that becomes 52 hours a year. Since shaving causes hair to grow even thicker, it also makes the hair more noticeable when it grows back.

Hot or cold waxing

Hair removal with wax can be done either hot or cold. Cold wax involves plastic strips with the wax already on them. You press the strip to your skin, then quickly pull it off against the grain of hair. It is markedly painful and doesn't even capture all the hair. Each strip is only usable once and fairly small, so you wouldn't purchase it to do large areas. The hot wax method involves heating wax and using a stick to apply it to the skin. A cloth is then pressed onto the waxed area and yanked off to pull the hairs out. Unfortunately, there is a significant chance of badly burning oneself, especially if the wax was heated in the microwave oven.

Laser and IPL Treatments

The term laser applies to a light based laser energy that focuses on the pigment in a hair follicle. The laser heats that hair until it destroys the follicle along with the root structure. IPL devices are similar in that they use light, but in a different way. IPL, or intense pulsed light, uses a different spectrum of light energy to target the hair. IPL treatments are milder than laser treatments, but cover more skin tones and types.

Personal compared to professional use lasers
You may have seen advertisements for personal use lasers, claiming they can perform as well if not better than a professional hair removal laser. The claims, however, are false. Lasers developed for personal use at home are not nearly as strong as the 

medical laser equipment used in professional clinics. Medical grade laser hair removal devices can harm individuals if not used properly, which is why only certified technicians are authorized to operate them. They are also far too expensive for personal use, costing more than a brand new car. Personal use lasers generally cost less than a few hundred dollars.

When professional Laser Hair Removal is the better choice
If you have a limited budget, you may not see why laser hair removal is so appealing. It seems like a major expense just to remove a few unwanted hairs. The truth is that if you only have a very small area
to treat and you rarely find yourself needing hair removal, then it wouldn't make sense to seek a professional treatment. However, if you have large areas that repeatedly need hair removal and especially if the area is hard to reach such as the back, laser hair removal would be preferable.

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