30 December 2011

My Christmas holidays in Paris (III part.)

Buongiorno ragazzi!
Vi lascio altre foto scattate a Parigi, tra i Champs Elysées, Grand Boulevard e qualcuna(ne sono davvero tante, per pubblicarle tutte) del parco divertimento di Disneyland. 
Buona visione e spero che vi piacciano!

Hello guys!
I leave other photos taken in Paris between the Champs Elysée,Grand Boulevard and some of them (there are so many to publish them all) of the amusement park of Disneyland.
Enjoy and I hope you like them!

Avenue des Champ Elysées
(Lungo viale ideale per le shopping addict, dove troverete le catene internazionali. Durante questo periodo il viale è inoltre gremito di bancarelle per golosoni. Se invece cercate le boutique di alta moda vi consiglio il cosidetto "Triangle d'Or", che comprende Avenue Montaigne, Avenue George V, Rue du Faubourg e Rue Saint-Honoré/Long driveway perfect for shopping addict, to find the international chains. If you seek high fashion boutiques I recommend the so-called "Triangle d'Or", which includes the Avenue Montaigne, Avenue George V, Rue du Faubourg and Rue Saint-Honoré)

The famous sweets boutique Ladurée in Avenue Champ des Elysées

The immense palace Louis Vuitton in Av. Champ des Elysées

Arc de Triomphe 

Palais Garnier
(Famoso teatro dell'opera/ Famous opera house)

Galeries Lafayette
(Uno dei più famosi grandi magazzini di Parigi, dove potrete assistere ad una sfilata di moda(primo piano) tutti i Venerdì alle 15. Altri meno conosciuti sono: Le Bon Marché e le Printemps/One of the most famous Parisian department stores, where you can watch a fashion show(first floor) every Friday at 15. Other less well known are: Le Bon Marché and Printemps)

Passage des Panoramas
(Questa è solo una delle gallerie cosidette "passage couverts", che ti riportano indietro alla Parigi dell'Ottocento.  Molto caratteristiche e sicuramente da visitare sono ideali per dedicarvi allo shopping, andare al ristorante o in un caffè. Vi consiglio di fare un itinerario a piedi, per scoprirle tutte, che parte dalla metro Louvre-Rivoli fino a quella di Le Peletier/This is just one of the galleries so-called "passage couverts", which will report back to the nineteenth-century Paris. Very characteristics and definitely worth visiting are ideal for shopping,going to a restaurant or a cafe. I recommend you do a walking tour to discover them all, starting from the underground Louvre-Rivoli  upto that of Le Peletier)

Me at Disneyland Paris


  1. Love it! Happy New year dear! xx

  2. wowwwwww.. Lovely Pictures.. I lvoe the chocolate apple n all the fruits :D awwww
    u had such fun..lucky girl!!
    Stay Blessed dear.. May this year brings you loads of love and happiness <3

    New post~ Welcome 2012!

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  3. amazing photos

  4. Mamma mia...stupende queste immagini! :-) Anch'io voglio andare a Parigi!!! :-) Sai che non ci sono mai stata? :-)

    Fashion Crazy Ball on Bloglovin and My Facebook Page

  5. Paris must be amazing!

  6. Thanks for taking us to Paris. Great photos. Happy New Year!

  7. Oh the holidays in Paris looks amazing...
    Wonderful post, Fabiana.
    Happy New Year!


  8. Ohh, gorgeous images ! I want to visit Paris again - soon ^^

    Have a lovely New Year's eve tomorrow,

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  9. i love paris !!! its only a dream away for me ... hope u have a lovely time and happy new years x x


  10. So great! I adore Paris. Have a great time there :)
    Happy 2012!!

  11. thats an awsome picture :)


  12. your pictures just made me realised how i desperately miss paris. it just reminded me of my 3 years life in paris.. i'm sure you had such a wonderful holidays in the city of love... happy happy new year!
    xoxo, Haus of Gala

  13. NAYRA LAISE30/12/11 5:54 PM

    Stupendissime le foto!! Ho tanta voglia di andare a Parigi con il mio maritino è una città così romantica:)
    Ti auguro un felice anno nuovo :*


  14. Those photots are great! I definietly need to get my butt to Paris!

  15. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your blog and I can say it's great. You really have a wonderful style!
    Looks like you had a great x-mas, paris is adorable ;)
    Have a look at my blog, please. How about following each other? xoxo Nini

  16. Really great pictures again on your third part and the pictures of Euro-Disney are amazing...!

    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  17. <3 Paris <3

  18. Lovely pictures sweetie :)

  19. Everything is so beautiful, especially with the lights. I hope you have a great New Year!

  20. great photo!

  21. Oh.. I want to go to Paris too... ;)
    Happy new year!

  22. Hi Fabiana,

    Happy New Year, to you and hope you have a fabulous 2012.
    Thanks for following and I am following you.
    We were in Paris in January 2011 and had such a great time.


  23. Wonderful pictures !!

    I hope that you enjoyed your trip in Paris and that you like the magical Disneyland resort Paris in Marne la Vallée !!

    I wish you a happy New Year and a lot of happiness !! :)

  24. Wonderful pictures !!

    I hope that you enjoyed your trip in Paris and that you like the magical Disneyland resort Paris in Marne la Vallée !!

    I wish you a happy New Year and a lot of happiness !! :)

  25. The photos are amazing, I like the photos of the chocolates and the cheese, and that big christmas tree!

  26. so so pretty! :D


  27. Beautiful pictures once again! :-)


  28. Love all your Paris pics! Hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve and wishing you all beauty and happiness in 2012!

    xo Mary Jo

  29. che bella! brava belle foto e bel viaggio! b.anno ile

  30. nice picture!
    enjoy your holiday,, Happy new year!!

    je t'aime,
    The Daydream Collaboration

  31. parigi é sempre meravigliosa ma, sotto Natale, acquista un fascino assoluto


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